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1,499 Ft
Model: 9990000002498
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Manufacturer: ELTE Szolgáltató Kft.
ELTE wooden domino game

ELTE domino game

1,499 Ft
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ELTE Wooden Domino Game with Laser-Engraved Logo on Every Backside.

Discover a new dimension of ELTE experiences with the ELTE logo dominos, guaranteed to spice up your social evenings and bring friends together for a bit of mental gymnastics. With its elegant design and traditional game in a modern guise, the ELTE domino is a perfect choice for entertainment and experiencing the spirit of university life.


  • High Quality: Durable, high-quality material dominos that withstand the test of time and frequent use.
  • University Branding: Each domino piece proudly bears the ELTE logo, fitting perfectly into the university culture and community life.
  • Universal Design: Sleek, modern appearance that is ideal for all age groups and easy to handle.
  • Social Experience: Develops strategic thinking and patience while providing great entertainment with friends and family.
  • Gift Idea: An excellent gift for ELTE students, alumni, prospective students, or even lovers of science and education. Size: Compact design for easy storage and transport. Description:

The ELTE domino game is not just another board game, but a special accessory that brings the intellectual challenge of ELTE to your home. This game fits perfectly into the collection of those who love board games and can also be a stylish decoration on the table or shelf.

Organize an exciting domino tournament or just relax with a light game, all the while enjoying the spirit of ELTE, which radiates from each piece. The ELTE domino game is an ideal way to unwind after exam periods or busy study days.

Choose a game that is more than entertainment – choose an experience that connects. Whether for yourself or as a gift, the ELTE domino game is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

How to play?

Domino Game The domino game known today originates from 18th-century Italy, but its predecessor was the 13th-century Chinese version.

It consists of 28 pieces, each divided into two equal sections, with different numbers of dots (0-6) combinations on each side. The one with the same number of dots on both sides is called a "double" or "doublet."

The domino set with dots from 0 to 8 includes 45 pieces.

The domino set with dots from 0 to 9 includes 55 pieces.

There are multiple games that can be played with dominos, not to mention the domino-toppling game.

Domino Game Rules Classic Domino Game Each player (2-4 people) randomly selects seven dominos; if there are any pieces left, they form the "boneyard." The first player places a domino on the table with the points facing up, then the other players in turn can place a new domino on either end of the line, provided that the adjoining sides of the tiles have the same number of points. If a player cannot attach a new piece to the line from their dominos, they must draw a new piece from the boneyard. The player who first places all their dominos wins, and receives points equal to the sum of points on their opponents' remaining pieces (the total points of the leftover pieces).

Instead of the "Double Six" domino set, other sets can be used, such as "Double Nine", "Double Twelve", "Double Fifteen", and even "Double Eight" sets. The set is named after the highest double piece it contains, e.g., in a double six set, the largest domino has a six on both ends, hence "Double Six." In English, these are referred to as "Double 6 Dominos."

The game is recommended to be played with at least two players, although there are solitaire versions as well. The size of the set and the chosen game can allow for up to eight players ("Double 12", for instance, with Mexican Train).

First, each player draws a certain number of tiles from the mixed and face-down dominos, then who starts can be a matter of agreement. It's possible that the youngest (or oldest) player starts in the first round, with subsequent rounds beginning with the winners (or losers) of the previous rounds. According to agreement, the game can start with the flipped piece from the boneyard, or the starting player can lay down any of their own pieces as they wish. The most objective and dispute-free way to start is when the player with the highest double domino starts with that piece.


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